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  • Hey Whisky--just thought I'd let you catch something before it gets going today--I saw the same headline, but Drudge misled (and it pisses me off because we pay the price for this crap), but only $148k of the $11million actually went to that store. Still ridiculous, and the rest was probably just as mismanaged, but you might want to adjust your post.
    If you let someone run you off the board, I don't mind telling you that I for one am disappointed.
    You do come on pretty strong sometimes but the board was dieing on the vine until you showed up.
    I love diversity of opinion. I find it interesting, the different ways people think and am always curious as to why they think the way they do.
    You seem to have som...
    Excellent exercise in who we would be answering to should they grab control of it all.
    ...drawing commies out of the closet....
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