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    Tailgate Foods?

    Sometimes I'll smoke or slow cook a pork butt and shred it and mix in half a bottle of Sweet Baby Rays and half a bottle of Stubbs the day before, then heat it and toast the buns on the Blackstone at the tailgate. Same with brisket. Something about that extra bit of caramelized crust from...
  2. WhatTheFrog

    Showgirl/Cheerleader Outfits at Spring Sale

    Can you get them in a men's XL? Preowned is fine, as long as there are no sweat stains.
  3. WhatTheFrog

    Spring Kickoff April 17 11:00

    Are masks going to be required for this? Didn't see a mention of it in the email.
  4. WhatTheFrog

    Lincoln Riley tries to cook...

    I hesitate to say "nice meat", but that's a damn fine slab of beef there. What grade is that? My Choice briskets, while tasty, are ugly as Baylor coeds.
  5. WhatTheFrog

    Lincoln Riley tries to cook...

    I think my favorite reply is "If you drop your phone in water, put it in a bag with this brisket to dry it out."
  6. WhatTheFrog

    Lincoln Riley tries to cook...

    Did he try to smoke that in a dehydrator?
  7. WhatTheFrog

    Big 12 RBs Ranked for 2021

    I don't think it matters what we do, some are going to hit the portal. Always works that way now with the new free agency.
  8. WhatTheFrog

    OU player got his arse kicked.

    Anyone else watch the video more than 5 times? It's like rewatching the Rose or Peach Bowls...a lot of fun and the good guys win.
  9. WhatTheFrog

    SMEW Look-A-Likes

    Joshua Shelmire in his school's garb Joshua Shelmire in his PREFERRED school's garb Is this one allowed?
  10. WhatTheFrog

    Updated Bowl Projections

    Data points matter.
  11. WhatTheFrog

    Art Briles and Texas Tech

    Those people deserved it.
  12. WhatTheFrog

    Details on Max’s procedure

    So...WNB? I don't get it.
  13. WhatTheFrog

    Blacklock — Watt Says He was “Stupid and selfish”

    They should've met at the fountains to settle this.
  14. WhatTheFrog

    Saturday college football thread....

    I never thought I'd say that I'd watched two Georgia Tech games and no TCU games in the first couple of weeks of a football season.