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  1. HooksRubFrog

    Tailgate Foods?

    What foods do you like to cook at tailgates? I know brats/burgers/dogs, but what else outside of those? Also other than beer, what cocktails are we slingin? Just want some different ideas. Thanks!
  2. HooksRubFrog

    2021 NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Great win tonight! Let's keep it rolling. I wish I could be in Ft. Worth to watch them!
  3. HooksRubFrog

    BBQ rubs

    Thanks!! I’ll check it out!
  4. HooksRubFrog

    BBQ rubs

    Ha! That’s amazing! I remember the BBQs Galore stores as well as the BBQ websites. I'd love to find my way into Buc-ee’s, but as a small business, I’m not ready to give up my margin at this point. In my other career (LOL), I’ve worked with Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, Sam’s, Target, etc and they...
  5. HooksRubFrog

    BBQ rubs

    Thanks for asking. I currently live in Utah and we ship to stores all over the place here. I am connecting with store locations in texas to try to sell on their shelves, but if you have any BBQ specialty stores or shops you go to normally, please give me their info as I’d love to connect with...
  6. HooksRubFrog

    BBQ rubs

    Or of course you can get some from our site LOL.
  7. HooksRubFrog

    BBQ rubs

    Yeah our Midnight Rub is pretty special LOL. It adds amazing bark/color and flavor to any meat, especially brisket and ribeyes. It’s a perfect balance of sweet with a touch of smoky heat, but the heat does not overpower any other flavor. There is a BBQ spot in Livingston using it on their...
  8. HooksRubFrog

    One of the few Frogs in Utah.

    One of the few Frogs in Utah.
  9. HooksRubFrog

    BBQ rubs

    Hey thank you for the recommendation! We appreciate it. If y'all have any questions, please feel free to ask!