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    Last Post

    The finality of this unfortunately expected announcement is more than sobering. Wes handled this last chapter of his life openly on the board, as he did with the loss of his son and the loss of his dear friend Scott. He did that with class and humor. He and his family (and the TCU fan family)...
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    OT - McMansions

    We make our money from selling our +4s on stubhub, and look with pity at the huddled masses sweating in the sun as we sip our cocktails in the air conditioning overlooking our spacious empty seats in the lower west side bowl. Sometimes we say “someone should do something about that.” Then we...
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    Wes, your journey through this has been beautiful, funny, poignant, and inspiring. I’m in the stage of life where I’m reflecting a lot on all of our mortality. This adventure ends for all of us, and when we’re young, we never stop to think that oh, so this is how it ends. Very few of us get to...
  4. NNM

    Tonight's chemo..

    My brother is halfway through chemo. He wanted this and I got it for him. He said it was life changing with side effects. I’m sure you’ve got a million recommendations but maybe it will help you like it helped him.
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    Sounds of Fall

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    Ya know, Mr. Cannon, if a good man is being so terribly maligned, he should find a good lawyer to sue his persecutors for all they’re worth. He should fight to the ends of the earth to clear his good name, since there’s nothing he did wrong. He should stop at nothing, especially if he did...
  7. NNM

    OT - Great movie lines/scenes

    I can eat 50 eggs. What we have here is...failure to communicate... Some men you just can’t reach ... that’s the way he wants it... well, he gets it. Sometimes nothin’ is a real cool hand. Best movie of all time.
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    Game 2 Frogs v KSU

    Is that Dick Bumpas sitting behind home plate?
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    I have a headache

    So glad to hear this good news this morning, Wes. We’ve never met in person but I appreciate your approach to life and challenges. Your faith is obvious and strong, and you know that this is just another opportunity to give Him glory through this trial. Please don’t feel shy about asking for...
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    Wouldn’t seem to be a problem unless one were riding his tail.
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    Any Olympians you've ever really disliked? You're welcome.
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    OT story of Fort Worth lore for we older Frogs

    My dad was your student body president. Lives in ABQ now.
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    So thanks to the Shag, we know that the author was sued by the FDIC for unscrupulous banking: And, despite his claims in the book bio of being “falsely accused,” paid a settlement in the FDIC case...
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    Hmmm. Looks like the Briles family found a vanity press: The Scapegoat tells the story of a highly talented college football coach silenced by legal constraints. Unable to defend himself, he watches as a corporation and a conference and the media define a storyline and blame him for the...
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    Bowls Thread

    GP alpha dog.
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    Bowls Thread

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    Houston Chronicle: Linebacker Ty Summers proving to be quite the catch for TCU

    Code terms in article check out against the picture of Mr. Summers and others like him (emphasis on terms used in the Chronicle article): 1) Scrappy 2) High motor 3) Gamer 4) Sneaky athletic 5) Gritty 6) Winner 7) High football IQ 8) Good fundamentals 9) Plays the game the right way 10) Lunch...