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    OT: Mama's Pizza Buffet

    I've heard it said it was more dangerous to get between Clay Jenkins and a TV camera, than to juggle running chainsaws...
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    When in tarnation will MB realize he is a LB ? How much longer does this WR farce continue ?

    Been a long time since I've read the word tarnation. Under-utilized in my opinion.
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    ot: congressional bill introduced to allow college athletes to unionize

    This country has come to feel the same when Congress is in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. - Will Rogers
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    OT: Boomer Threads

    I think you have misconstrued your responsibilities as the father of millennials. Your only - repeat ONLY - job is to embarrass them with your clothing choices as severely and as often as possible. My own daughter can barely stand to be seen in public with me...(I assume it's the clothing, but...
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    Tulsa World: Sorry, Lincoln Riley, but coaches' bad behavior is no reason to penalize players

    I don't mind the transfers, as long as they have a valid, photo I.D...
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    Norman Transcript: Lincoln Riley: Intraconference transfers 'unhealthy' for college football

    Outlaw recruiting. Let the kids move around any time they wish and for any reason at all. Wear a Clemson jersey one Saturday and a TCU jersey the following week. Make every game day a complete surprise as to who will be playing. Destroy the Vegas bookies...
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    Chicago Tribune: Bears sign Dalton

    I would clean Chicago sewers barehanded, with a plastic spoon, all year long for $10 mil...
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    Why does Killerfrogs Censor Threads that talk about TCU Baseball Attendance?

    Is that 79% primarily the torso portion?
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    STOP THE BS!!!!

    That county judge in Dallas is sure enjoying his power. I believe getting between him and a news camera would be more dangerous to your health than a bout of Covid, clap, and cancer all rolled into one...
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    The Day After....

    You guys arguing over Dems vs. Repubs are cute. Kinda like arguing who controls the moral high-ground, the Crips or Bloods...
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    The Day After....

    All these transplants coming to Texas need to drag an extension cord behind 'em...plugged into whatever State they abandoned...
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    TCU Construction Updates

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    OT - Fairly Iconic TV Intros

    Most of you guys will be way too young for this one...
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    CDC Lies and Fumbles

    Del is much like Joe Biden...neither of which is actually "calling the shots"...
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    CDC Lies and Fumbles

    I wonder if UT saved any $$$ by keeping him employed into the new year?
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    No ABC

    If something as simple as gender identity is now "fluid" and subject to change by mere feelings, I can't see any logical reason to treat subject/verb agreements to any formal rules.
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    OT: Philosophy, and other Deep Thoughts...

    As Jimi Hendrix sang: "Scuse me while I kiss this guy..."
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    Deranged Baylor Lady has a meltdown at HEB

    Honestly, the most shocking thing in that video is the wedding ring on her finger...