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  1. oldscribe

    maybe not new

    about Ladarius Anthony.....on campus with others? Having to wait? Hope he's here and okay...
  2. oldscribe

    Since divorce courts are stacked against men...

    When these subjects (and polar diatribes) arise, I always think of the lady I worked with who wore great diamond rings. She explained, ``I divorced well."
  3. oldscribe

    Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

    Good luck to her. I would say ``break a leg" but she's too young to grasp the theological relevance behind that saying.....
  4. oldscribe

    Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

    doubt that i qualify as a ``good christrian" but I will volunteer to help with the stoning...
  5. oldscribe

    Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

    Naw, our Frisky would never be so demonstrative....well, maybe after a race, or after a few margaritas, or.......
  6. oldscribe

    Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

    I can buy that. Sort of like my ``just don't do it where it scares the horses"
  7. oldscribe

    Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

    I have been openly heterosexual ever since I discovered girls when I was about 9. I make no bones about it. I guess that's how one is openly heterosexual. If you are heterosexual and don't hide it, I include you in my group. And how the hell is that leftist?
  8. oldscribe

    Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

    I think Broadway is ``pro-gay" in that it doesn't kick out or otherwise discriminate against gay or possibly gay members......especially if the member is a world-famous pianist who has done some very good things for his church and his hometown. The link between that and feeding folks might be...
  9. oldscribe

    WFAA: TCU student found dead at home near campus

    QUOTE(FrogBones @ Jan 19 2010, 03:18 PM) 505700 +1 I don't really care for religion, but the FWPD and to a very slightly lesser extent the TCU Police Department HAS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! This is getting out of hand even if there is no foul play involved in this one instance. Between what...
  10. oldscribe

    purplemenace = purple cancer

    QUOTE(Gunner @ Nov 22 2009, 09:36 PM) 453420 Jeremy and Jeremiah are good people. They are probably the best recruiting service you can buy anywhere. They work really hard at what they do. And they put out good info on TCU and I think it is a plus for TCU, much like KFC, but from a different...