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    Why was one of our biggest offensive weapons not on the field till late?

    Go look up Spielman on the Nebraska all time stats. He is third in receptions and yards ALL TIME at Nebraska (very close to the record when he transferred) and we didn’t throw him one ball. I guess 2x all big 10 is not good enough for Gary. Wish our media would ask questions like this.
  2. GetToTheQB

    Cumbie OC

    I would say that the staff is more responsible than 25 percent of the problems at quarterback. Cumbie has shown absolutely zero ability to develop a quarterback. Cant say we have not had a serviceable QB in 4 years. Not at this level. You are paid too much money to not find a solution with what...
  3. GetToTheQB

    Gameday Thread: Too wet for couch burning edition

    He was hired in 2017. He did not develop those guys, he inherited them. That would be what I am trying to say
  4. GetToTheQB

    Gameday Thread: Too wet for couch burning edition

    Noteboom, Pryor (NFL Linemen) Patrick Morris (very serviceable) Lucas Niang (Future NFL Linemen) Schlottman also is on an NFL Roster I believe - or was for a while. That is what I am talking about.
  5. GetToTheQB

    6 of 7 losses by one score, we have the players!

    Thanks for the inspiring words man. Forgot we are not about to complain on here and offer opinions. We know how it was back in the day. Uphill both ways, raining from the ground, give it a break. Good to know how being a "true fan" works.
  6. GetToTheQB

    Yeah. Malcolm Kelly is holding on to them for us.

    Yeah. Malcolm Kelly is holding on to them for us.
  7. GetToTheQB

    Gameday Thread: Too wet for couch burning edition

    Go check out the talent that was on that 2017 offensive line - then you can report back to us and inform us on where that line is now. Moron
  8. GetToTheQB

    Who is starting at QB vs Baylor?

    Not to worry folks - coach Cumbie will have whoever is in the game ready to perform at a high level. Not only does this guy retain his position group at a less than acceptable rate - he also is miserable at his job as OC. The 2 for 1 special. Come on guys.
  9. GetToTheQB

    Best BBQ in Fort Worth

    What is it?
  10. GetToTheQB

    Baldwin to transfer to TCU

    Justin Rogers will transfer out. You heard it here first. Just watch!
  11. GetToTheQB

    Anyone Catch the GP quote about the offense?

    We have not had an explosive offense since Alamo Bowl against Oregon
  12. GetToTheQB

    Early Full 2019 Football Season Game by Game Odds

    What makes you think we have the ability to signal down run from the OC Booth? more like Screen screen screen purdue off the field and then run a shovel pass to Sewo.
  13. GetToTheQB

    Baldwin to transfer to TCU

    My reasoning for him being eligible is that he never threw a pass at OSU (Per my research). And, the NCAA has granted players like Justin Fields and Tate Martell eligibility even after they have played considerably... Baldwin is a RSF- he has already redshirted a year due to his injury coming...
  14. GetToTheQB

    Baldwin to transfer to TCU

    The ball is in Cumbie's court. He now has Delton Collins Rogers Duggan Baldwin (think he will get eligibility from the NCAA)- if he does not, that is scheissed Also, with these bodies and talent can we concur that he is expected to develop one of the young three into a star? Last year I...
  15. GetToTheQB

    FWST: This TCU star is projected to be a high first-round pick in next year’s NFL Draft

    Hopefully we can leave the 2 iron stingers away from him. Sure Sonny will do a great job getting our best player the ball. Keep the beam fades to dylan thomas coming.
  16. GetToTheQB

    You daydream in full technicolor if u think TCU will beat Purdue

    Again this is an absolute joke of a post. Your comment about no other DB's is absolute blasphemy. prepare to hear the name Trevon Moehrig Woodard, Vernon Scott, Noah Daniels, Atanza Vongor, and Ardarius washington. Rondale moore will be in trouble
  17. GetToTheQB

    You daydream in full technicolor if u think TCU will beat Purdue

    You are actually delusional and have zero idea of what you are talking about. There is a thing called progression. For you to say cordel is average to below average is simply shocking. His injury last year flipped our season
  18. GetToTheQB

    Would you rather see TCU....

    Where is the NIT Championship option?
  19. GetToTheQB

    Did we hear anything about how Rogers, Delton, and Duggan did in the spring?

    Duggan is the rawest talent on the field. Since we do not start freshman, I think Delton is going to start. Think Duggan will indeed see the field. Wish we would commit to one of the young guys and grow them up. Ball is in Cumbie's court
  20. GetToTheQB

    Bane enters name in NBA Draft.

    Great insight