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  1. Leap Frog

    Who are your 3 favorite Frog Basketball players All-Time

    Eugene "Goo" Kennedy Mickey McCarty Herb Stephens
  2. Leap Frog

    GoFrogs: TCU Tops No. 2 Baylor, 75-72

    I read where Baylor hasn't won a basketball conference championship since 1950-- maybe not this year either. That year (1950) they won a SWC title with the help of Paschal High's best players from late 40's. The Paschal team was truly great and was led by future all-American Jumpin' Jackie Robinson
  3. Leap Frog

    FWST: TCU will be short-handed against No. 2 Baylor. How Jamie Dixon is preparing for it.

    Got to be one of greatest wins in Frog history-- beating # 2 team in the country. If someone knows better, please advise-- just can't remember TCU doing that.
  4. Leap Frog

    GoFrogs: Samuel Leads TCU over No. 17 WVU, 67-60, in Overtime

    What ifs are sprouting, but a little late to help for the regular season. Let's just end very strong then see what happens in the tourney. One thing is for sure, Frogs have some good players to build on.
  5. Leap Frog

    GoFrogs: TCU Stays Perfect, Tops ACU Tuesday

    Hope you are right,this bunch looks really good so far. Meador had a not-so-good outing, but he joined team with loads of talent and much potential-- maybe trying too hard for an early impression. Bet he gets it together and becomes what the coaches saw in him.
  6. Leap Frog

    College Baseball Week 1 Power Rankings

    Speaking of Baker, he has not advanced above class A ball as Cardinal prospect-- maybe this year. Playing only at first base as of now, the Cards still like his power. Will be 23 next month, so still has time. Luken ranks #27 on the team prospect list, so hope this is his year and he climbs the...
  7. Leap Frog

    FW Star-Telegram Owner Declares Bankruptcy

    Most of you guys don't remember the Fort Worth Press. The best part of that is it really was " The Fort Worth Press". That paper once sent 5 sports reporters to cover a TCU football game in College Station. Yes, the famous "Hurricane Game" between # 4 Frogs and # 8 Ags stolen by refs.
  8. Leap Frog

    Our Roster Next Year

    Maybe Williams is slipping, maybe I am too-- just a harmless opinion. Anyway, the "standards" of this board are tough.
  9. Leap Frog

    Our Roster Next Year

    What's happened ?-- two good looking coaches who may be as successful as the two vets. We will see, and if they are, I will certainly take notice. You are right about Lubbock and Waco though.
  10. Leap Frog

    Our Roster Next Year

    Watched Duke win over North Carolina last night-- about the best game i've seen in some time. The hustle and effort by both teams stood out, and best two coaches put on a clinic about that aspect. Guess what I'm saying is coaching is the big difference in most games, and a shame one had to lose...
  11. Leap Frog

    OT -- Favorite Quotes From Literature

    When WW2 was over, General George Patton had this observation: "Let's get those damn Ruskies while we are here-- gonna have to do it sooner or later".
  12. Leap Frog

    FWST: Luke Pardee, grandson of Texas football royalty and ‘Junction Boy,’ commits to TCU

    Bear Bryant became coach of Ags in 1954 and took his team to Junction, Texas (Stalag 17) for August training. He took about 100 players and came back with 30-35 hard bitten ones who would hit anything moving. His teams ran the ball (John David Crow) and played mean defense to be successful. They...
  13. Leap Frog

    FWST: Luke Pardee, grandson of Texas football royalty and ‘Junction Boy,’ commits to TCU

    Chuck has said the hail was hitting helmets so hard players couldn't hear an audible-- so no roll out. Game should have been delayed, because sun came out later. Different days, and you played in bad weather. On one play, at the goal, Swink rode Buddy Dike's back well into end zone. Ref placed...
  14. Leap Frog

    FWST: Luke Pardee, grandson of Texas football royalty and ‘Junction Boy,’ commits to TCU

    If he is half as good or tough as Jack, we have ourselves one heck of a player. Those two games with Ags in '55 and ' 56 cost our Frogs dearly, and Jack Pardee was a huge part of it. He played six man football in high school and is in the College Football Hall of Fame. Hope we can hold on to...
  15. Leap Frog

    If you could have dinner with three historical figures, living or dead, who would they be?

    I had several conversations with Ruby, and you would probably not like him Tough guy but not so smart. My three: Stan Musial Ronald Reagan Dutch Meyer
  16. Leap Frog

    GoFrogs: Frogs' Comeback Effort Falls Short

    Frogs made 6 of 17 from 3-point line-- Horns shot a lucky 11 of 22 and that was the old ball game.
  17. Leap Frog

    At TCU, Fat Shaming is a Sport!

    We live in an age where accusation is proof of guilt.
  18. Leap Frog

    Lubbock A-J: No. 18 Red Raiders unable to contain Bane, fall to Horned Frogs

    The second half saw a different TCU team in action-- aggressive rebounding, good defense, passing and shooting. Hope we see that same play the rest of the way-- I think the difference was the aggressive way the Frogs took it to them.
  19. Leap Frog

    FWST: TCU basketball to make its debut on ESPN+ as it takes on Oklahoma on Saturday

    There are 19 players on the roster, Jaime uses 9, so my question is: are there any of the 10 left who can contribute next year?
  20. Leap Frog

    2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

    You've got to have heart-- miles and miles of heart, When the odds are saying you'll never win-- that's when the grin should start. You've got to have hope-- mustn't sit around and mope. Nothing's ever bad as it may appear-- so keep lots of good cheer in your heart.