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  • I have a guy named John Dickens, with Omega Securities on Throckmorton in downtown FW. They represent American Funds. I made some good investments and put the money with Omega back in 1993, which has increased exponentially. So much so, that I was able to retire at 57 at which time I rolled the remainder of my 401k with him. I have also sent family members, co workers and friends, non of which have been disappointed.
    John handles my stuff as well. I'm comfortably retired for the past three years, and I have more in the account now than when I retired. John is great.
    Is it 1 ticket by itself? I don't really need it for the La Monroe game, but would gladly take it off your hands. I would definitely try to put it to good use for the Portland game, probably SMU as well.
    Spike, I just got back from AFA late last night. I overheated a couple time on the trip Wed at practice and Sat at the game but had a great time both in fort Worth and Colorado Springs. Can you use my ticket to the ULMO game this week ? Let me know whose name to put the ticket in will call for and I'll email Chip Heiss. Also do you want the Port St and SMU tix? Rick Hosea
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