#2 Texas, #8 Tech advance, #6 TCU Dogcraps the Bed

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Dec 17, 2010
How could TCU get a national seed, and then dogcrap the bed like they did? Going through a whole season, seemingly the sample size is large enough that a #6 national seed team should be able to make it out of their own regional--and especially not bow out in the ignominious fashion that TCU did?

Of the top 8 national seed teams, TCU was the ONLY one not to advance to a super regional.

In short, what happened!?
Happens pretty much every year. In 2019 (last ncaa playoff) the #3 and #4 national seeds didn't make it out of their regional

2018 three national seeds didn't make it out.

2017 three (including Tech) didn't make it out.

I think that's enough examples.
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