2021 NCAA Baseball Regionals

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May 25, 2007
Sitting with my father. He’s telling me a story about how Bragg Stockton used to pitch a kid over 250 pitches a week when he was at Jesse Jones HS in Houston and my dad coached at Sam Houston.
Lol. I threw back to back complete games on Friday and Saturday in the high school playoffs my senior year. We won Friday and lost the first game on Saturday and I asked my coach who was throwing the third and decisive game that afternoon. He said he had no idea. Then I said give me the GD ball and don’t ever choose a three game series again you dumb dumb. Two-hitter (no big deal).
Also threw both ends of a double header earlier that year, but didn’t complete the second game. Different world these days I suppose.

Pharm Frog

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Nov 20, 2009
Notre Dame v Miss State in Starkville
Arkie v NC State in Fayetteville
Tech v Stanford or UC Irvine in Lubbock
Arizona v Ole Miss in Tucson
Vandy v ECU in Nashville
Tenn v LSU in Knoxville
Texas v South Florida in Austin
DBU v UVA or ODU who knows where? Maybe at Lupton.
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