ESPN - Big 12's most disruptive defenses

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May 25, 2007
...Three key stats can help define the most disruptive units in the conference. Sack percentage, which measures how often a team gets a sack when the opponent attempts a pass, can be a better stat than total sacks since some teams face more pass attempts than others. Much the same way, turnover percentage is better than total turnovers forced with some teams facing more opponent drives than others. Lastly, the percentage of opponent rushes resulting in zero or negative yardage is a good gauge for how disruptive a defense is against an opponent's running game....
Sack percentage
1. Texas, 8.4
2. Kansas State, 6.1
3. Oklahoma, 6.0
4. TCU, 6.0
Turnover percentage
1. Kansas State, 18.2
2. TCU, 15.3
Notable: While TCU forced more total turnovers with 66 during this span, K-State (64 total turnovers) was more likely to create a turnover from an opponent. KSU’s plus-33 turnover margin was, by far, the Big 12’s best.
Percentage of opponent running plays for zero or negative yardage
1. TCU 29
2. Oklahoma State, 25.8
3. Texas, 24.7
Notable: The Horned Frogs are consistently disruptive against opponents' ground attacks, sitting three percentage points higher than OSU. A total of 285 running plays against Gary Patterson’s team ended with negative or zero yardage during this span.