JEREMY - I know you are there - I have a Q for you!

  • The KillerFrogs
Dec 16, 2008
I really dont know the answer to this so I was hoping you could help me out because I dont know High School football and player rankings like you do. Also thanks for being nice enough to come on our board and talk with us. I appreciate it! Here is the question:

If MATHEW TUCKER rushes for 2700 yds in just one season, scores 31 TDs in one season, and has over 6,300 yds and 69 TDs in his career, and is named to the 3A All-State team (named today), and is still just a 3 star recruit, can you tell me what would be required for a 4 star recruit in yardage and TDs? I am just curious because I am not
educated on this ranking system very well. Oh, and I almost left out one other thing! Glad I remembered. He was named the 3A State Offensive Player of the Year today also. As I stated before, I am simply curious what the additional qualifications for a 4 star recruit would be. Thanks and I appreciate you reading this.

One other question if you dont mind. With the spectacular seasons that LB Isadore and LB Brock had, what should LBs who are ranked #24 in the nation and #36 in the nation have done better last year to get 4 stars, when every opposing Coach they played against said they "dominated the games"? I probably shouldnt mention that OL Ty Horn also won the CenTex Offensive Lineman of the Year for the 2nd year in a row, and according to his Coach was the primary player responsible for Waco Midway HS's deep run in the playoffs. I think I gave you too many questions. I apologize. Thanks again Jeremy and I look forward to learning how the rating system works.

Have a great evening!