Texas Christian University to nix the word 'freshmen' in push for 'inclusive excellence'

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Sep 20, 2014
"Texas" in its current iteration was created by slave-owning, or slavery-sympathetic, English-speaking white men who seized land which had always been governed by Spanish-speaking peoples (Spain first, then Mexico)....Mexico's constitution forbade slavery....Austin, Houston,Travis, Lamar, Crockett, etc., waged an ethnic war against the legal government of Mexico and their names must be removed from all monuments, buildings, streets, and municipal identification....Agree with the above post.... A total rebranding for the school should result in the elimination of "Texas" and "Christian" from the name of the university...don't even suggest Fort Worth since that's militaristic.... s/meter is on....

Just curious. Do people in Bedford know what the word "iteration" means?
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