U.S. Open Predictions

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Jun 23, 2007
I remember the grief I received when Killerfrogs posters tried to define my DARKHORSE pick during the Masters Golf Tournament. I cannot remember exactly who he was but now we have come to this again. (Morikawa)? No problem. Its all in good fun. OK . If you really want me to go out on a limb and pick a DARKHORSE I thought about it and its Abraham Ancer. Young guy from Mexico/Oklahoma. Consistently in the money but has not broken through with a PGA win. This would be a good time for him. Its truly hard to gauge since he has not even won a PGA tour event. That is the true defining test. Can you hold up under the pressure during the final round to win. He has not proven that so he is truly a DARKHORSE.

Like this true darkhorse pick. (And Kokrak too.) Abe caught a bit of controversy at the Masters when he picked up a two-shot penalty on a video review for grounding his club in a bunker. Golf Magazine did a nice feature on him a few months ago; apparently he was only offered by one junior college out of high school. (OU picked him up from Odessa College.) Hope he has a good week.