Where is RodDog?

  • The KillerFrogs
Nov 29, 2008
I was wondering if RodDog will come on here and give Tcu fans some of his great Big 12 insight from a fan from a pretender team?

As it turns out:

Texas Tech were pretenders all year
(got humiliated at Oklahoma and is losing against Baylor!! Baylor?? Are you serious?)
Tech will be fortunate to be in the Top 20 at all if they lose to the last place pathetic Baylor. Tech will drop like you've never seen a team drop in the rankings before. Even if Tech lucks out and beats Baylor, the damage is already done. Tech is 30 point favorites in a Tech home game, and they are stuggling horribly against a laughingstock team. Everyone sees that Tech is nowhere near as good as some thought they were, and that Techs offense is just gimmicks, and smoke and mirrors.

Missouri was a much much weaker team that anyone thought
(and lost an embarrassing game to Kansas today)
Missouri will be lucky to be ranked in the Top 20 after this loss.

Okie State will lose another game today and drop 10 more spots
(Okie St will be fortunate if they are in the Top 25 after today).

The only legitimate Big 12 teams are Oklahoma and Texas - same as every year. All the rest of the teams in the Big 12 are either terrible or pretenders - same as every year.

And...Tech will finish the season ranked lower than TCU in the national rankings.....same as every year !
Nov 29, 2008
Let's compare Tech and TCU using RodDoggies logic:

TCU 27 - Baylor 0

Tech - struggles to keep up with last place laughingstock Baylor

Tech - in Big 12
TCU - not in Big12

TCU finishes in Top 10, and Top 25 for 4 of the past 5 years and ahead of Tech every year
Tech never finishes in Top 10 and always behind TCU in final national standings

all of that combined = Tech better than TCU

Say what?
Nov 29, 2008
As I have said for many many years......

Tech would be only the 4th best team in the Mountain West Conference after Utah, Tcu and Byu.

As we see today, as Baylor gives Tech fits in their game, Tech is not nearly as good as Tech fans think they are. In fact, Tech will very likely lay a gigantic smell pile in their bowl game whoever they play.

If Tech plays Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl, Ole Miss will whip Tech like an old mule!

Tech football is always great comedy!